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Design serves me as an instrument of assignment, recognition and communication without language. Without graphic design there would be chaos in the world.


At the same time, graphic design is also art for me: the art of making what is thought visible. My design impresses with its clear, factual and consistent unity. Less is more! Less is more!


Design must be recognizable and meaningful as a common thread. My goal is always to create concepts with a unique, unmistakable and clearly recognizable appearance. This is the only way that design is permanent. And only then does it have value.


In my photography I have always been fascinated for spaces, surfaces and compositions. This can be landscapes and nature, architecture and cityscapes, airports and industrial plants as well as abstract structures.


My art is shaped by diverse worldwide travels. The atmosphere and impressions of the different locations, scenes and cultures have a great influence on my design. Working in different locations around the world gives me unique, irretrievable inspiration.

Colorful home accessories, cushions, towels, designer decorative cushions. Women's wonderful design accessories are a wonderful gift. design living accessories 

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