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Cherise Biagio-Pereira, a very special designer from South  Africa. During your time in Germany, Cherise and I have done wonderful projects together and also planned. The creative conversations that we used together at the   cappuccino,   were always a very intensive and lively exchange. We would like to continue to use our creativity together to get great projects off the ground.  South  Africa   meets  Germany.   

About Cherise:

The most inspiring thing for me is the collaboration and the energy that comes from working in a team. For me, this feeling of exhilaration is increased by working with visionaries and creative minds. Born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1984, I have always been drawn to art and design, whether it be the rock carvings I discovered on my farm in South Africa, or the architecture and art I marveled at when I was 10 years old, on my first trip to Italy. I get my inspiration from nature and everything that surrounds me. I love creating interesting color and design compositions that go well with Tessa's clean Bauhaus style...let's just say a little bit ying and a little bit yang.

Cloth, accessories, home accessories, throw pillows

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