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Bild mit Motiven der Tücher Lugano, Rio de Janeiro und Kitzbühel


Scarves for women a wonderful design Accessories are a great gift. Colorful, elegant and simply a real eye-catcher.

Wir designen Ihre Träume

Aneinander gereihte Piktogramme, acht verschiedene Koordinaten und ein farbenfrohes Design mit ausgewählte Motiven lassen jedes einzelne Tuch in seiner Schönheit erstrahlen.

Bild mit Motiven und den Piktogrammen der Tücher Kitzbühel, Lugano und Rio de Janeiro

story about my design

Each scarf serie has a little story. Whether Kitzbuehel, Lugano, Sylt, Rio or Cape Town, all these places have something magical, enchanting and beneficial.


History of the favorite place "Kitzbuehel"

Blue sky and in the distance the sun is rising over the mountains. Slip into your jogging shoes and head out into nature. Breathe in the scent of the summer morning air and walk slowly up the small path. The first rays of sun flash through the trees and let the fields and meadows shine brilliantly. Continue up the lush green, moss-covered path and enjoy the first flowers to bloom along the path in their splendor of colour. The new day can begin. Take this magical moment with you to another place. Let yourself be carried by its energy.

History of the favorite place "Lugano"

A glorious summer morning at the lake. The water of the lake is ironed smooth. The surrounding mountains are illuminated with the first rays of summer. Glide barefoot over the small jetty and down the small ladder into the refreshing, clear water. Breathe deeply and enjoy the soft, gentle water with every stroke. The herons sit on the lake shore and wait for their morning catch. Ducks swim by and also enjoy this morning rest. Pink hydrangeas and red trumpet bushes adorn the lake shore with their splendor. Take this magical moment with you to another place. Let yourself be carried by its energy.

Lucky Colors steht für wunderbare Farben, die auf einzigartigen ausgesuchten Material gedruckt werden.


The "LUCKY COLORS" symbol stands for wonderful colors that are printed on uniquely selected material. I wish you a lot of fun and joy with my products.

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