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One of the most famous coastal cities in the world, Rio de Janeiro is located on the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. It is popular with people interested in culture, nature lovers and of course everyone who loves the sea. The good weather promotes the unique life-friends in this place. 

Typical motifs from Rio de Janeiro, which are sustainably produced and printed on chiffon made from 100% recycled polyester  (GOTS certificate), stylishly round off the favorite place towel "Rio de Janeiro".


Rio de Janerio stands for good mood, sun, warmth, bright colors and much more.  


Lined up pictograms show the diversity of this region, such as mountains, churches, houses or the range of many different activities that characterize this area. Eight different coordinates give an indication of places in this region. The beauty and special features of this landscape are wonderfully staged with selected images and appealing colours.

Rio de Janeiro

SKU: 3229090
VAT Included |
    • Der Chiffon wird aus 100% recyceltem Polyester hergestellt.
    • 70% Baumwolle und 30% Seide

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