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Kitzbühel, the small town in the Tyrolean Alps, lies between the Kitzbüheler Horn and the Hahnenkamm. It is shaped by your alpine lifestyle and picturesque nature. This combination reflects your modern lifestyle. 

Typical motifs around Kitzbühel, which are sustainably produced and printed on an elegant cotton-silk satin (GOTS certificate), stylishly round off the "Kitzbühel" favorite place towel.


Lined up pictograms show the diversity of this region, such as mountains, churches, houses or the range of many different activities that characterize this area. Eight different coordinates give an indication of places in this region. The beauty and special features of this landscape are wonderfully staged with selected images and appealing colours.


History of the favorite place "Kitzbühel"



Blue sky and in the distance the sun is rising over the mountains. Slip into your jogging shoes and head out into nature. Breathe in the scent of the summer morning air and walk slowly up the small path. The first rays of sun flash through the trees and let the fields and meadows shine brilliantly. Continue up the lush green, moss-covered path and enjoy the first flowers to bloom on the side of the path in their splendor of colour. The new day can begin. Take this magical moment with you to another place. Let yourself be carried by its energy.


SKU: 2229090
VAT Included |
    • Der Chiffon wird aus 100% recyceltem Polyester hergestellt.
    • 70% Baumwolle und 30% Seide

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